Surfside is the small-town heart of Miami's beachfront. As ice cream shop owner Jessica shows us, you can find everything within a few short blocks in this delightfully cozy neighborhood. New restaurants run alongside historic buildings and classic barber shops, all just steps from one of the most pristine beaches in the world. For years the town of Surfside existed happily under the radar of "hot" Miami neighborhoods.

It was an in-between spot that most sped through on their way to or from Bal Harbour, its swanky northern neighbor. But a slew of high-profile projects–like the soon-to-open The Surf Club Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences and the Fendi Chateau–have cast a spotlight on this otherwise sleepy beachfront enclave that is brimming with great restaurants and a vibrant community.

Fuente: Grand Beach Hotel Surfside
Rusty Stein